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   Practicing  Permaculture  

 Permaculture is not a new concept but it is one that we have definitely gotten behind. The basic idea of farming using permaculture is to tread lightly on the land while taking care of people and fellow creatures to live in harmony with nature.

We use only organic, natural fertilizers,,preferably made ourselves. our farm is proudly pesticide free.


Practicing Vermiculture


Vermiculture is the practice of raising earth worms to produce vermicompost. Worms consume organic debris and kitchen scraps and turn them into one of the best natural composts available. Vermicompost contains water-soluble nutrients and is an excellent, nutrient-rich organic fertilizer and soil conditioner used in sustainable, organic farming.

   Companion planting     

   fennel has no friends    

Did you know companion planting has been practiced for thousands of years?

Some plants have complementary characteristics, such as their nutrient requirements, growth habits, and pest-repelling abilities. Unfortunately for fennel it truly has no friends in the garden BUT it can help to revive old apple trees so it has a place on our farm and it's yummy!

    Practicing KNF   

You may be asking yourself, what is KNF? KNF stands for korean natural farming. KNF takes advantage of indigenous microorganisms to promote soil structure and health. this simple practice uses readily available components that already exist on our farm and eliminates the need to use conventional fertilizers.


    Attracting beneficial    

       insects and birds        

If you build it they will come.

We have a vast variety of flowering plants to feed the hummingbirds and lure pollinators. This results in a higher yield and eliminates the need to use pesticides.

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